This page has galleries of photographs taken in Canada and Alaska. It covers the period from April 2015 to date. The galleries are arranged chronologically from bottom to top (most recent at the top).

Click on the first photo for each state and it will step through the selected photos from each state.

Exit Alaska (11-July-2015)

I've created this "Exit Alaska" gallery, since, after leaving Valdez we were effectively on our way out of Alaska and travelling through more than one region of Alaska in a relatively short amount of time. It includes our drive back to lovely Haines and our ferry trip along the entire Inside Passage, exiting Alaska to arrive at Bellingham, WA.

Alaska: South Central (7-June-2015)

After leaving Denali NPP we drove south to Anchorage and then on to the areas I've probably been looking forward to more than anywhere else - the Chugach National Forest and the Kenai Peninsula.

Alaska: Interior (12-May-2015)

Starting with a drive up the beautiful Haines Hwy we rejoined the Alaska Hwy for a truly punishing drive through Yukon Territory for the next stage of our Alaskan adventure - Interior Alaska. This region of Alaska includes Fairbanks and Denali National Park and Preserve. Within Denali NPP is the Highest mountain in North America, Mt McKinley (or Denali) at 20,237 feet (or is it 20,320? - depends who you ask!).

Alaska: South East (23-Apr-2015)

The first part of Alaska we're visiting is the South East, including the towns of Skagway and Haines and the state capital city of Juneau. Our visit to this area included three ferry rides in the northern part of Alaska's Inner Passage (Skagway to Haines and Haines to Juneau and back). Juneau can only be reached by sea or air as there is no road access to the city. Haines is my favorite town of the trip so far.

British Columbia and Yukon (12-Apr-2015)

We travelled through BC and Yukon Territory on our way to Alaska much quicker than expected - mainly due to the fact that most places along the way aren't open yet. In some of the campsites we stayed in we were the first campers of the season. We also boondocked (dry-camped) in several places along the way. We were lucky to see some wildlife along the way, but I expect we'll see a lot more on our way back from Alaska.