Originally, this page was going to be called Homeschooling or Roadschooling. However, it quickly became apparent that neither of those titles would be adequate - neither was broad enough to capture the fact that we're all learning so many things on this journey. It's not just about academics and educating our children - there's much more to it than that.

We're learning about each other and learning about ourselves. As parents we're adopting roles as teachers, with a very personal touch and with more time to explore what works for our children - what excites them - what doesn't work for them - what simply doesn't interest them.

Furthermore, it's an opportunity for us parents to learn new things as well as develop skills in areas we may have been interested in for a while, but not had the time or energy to pursue those interests whilst we were both working. Many things are new to me. For example, before we began our journey, I'd never:

  • operated a big RV before
  • used a DSLR camera before
  • written a blog or created a website (in fact I've never used Facebook or Twitter, and probably never will - but that's another story)
  • played the ukulele (I still can't play the ukulele!)

Roadschooling (Homeschooling on the Road)

Roadschooling is not a term I made up. There are in fact plenty of families out there who homeschool on the road. There are several websites and blogs by families doing similar things to us - some for a year, or so, and some indefinitely. If your interested in finding out more about Homeschooling on the road, then here's a good place to start:

The Homeschooling 101 article is written by Jennifer Miller who is actually on an ongoing world tour with her husband and four children. You can follow their journey at The Edventure Project.