Our aim: To enhance our children's lives through travel and experiential learning combined with other homeschooling methods........ and enjoy life and have fun together.

Why RAD Road Trip? Rhys, Anwen, Dylan (plus Nina and Tony, but RADNT isn't as "cool"). We hope you enjoy following our journey, reading our blog and seeing our photos. It's a learning experience for all of us and hopefully our website will keep growing and getting better all the time.

For one whole year, starting in August 2014, we were full time RVers, traveling through many States in the US and even venturing to the UK and France for a couple of months. We homeschooled, I mean roadschooled, our children as we traveled. As of August 2015, we are no longer full time RVers. But hey! Life goes on and so does the website! That's the spirit! We've settled (for now) in South Lake Tahoe, CA - a place we know and love, but have never before been full time residents there. The website continues, and will cover topics including homeschooling, the crazy Davies kids, life in the mountains, and whatever else takes my fancy.

Enjoy. Emails from readers always welcome. Either one of you!



Wish You Were Here

Wish You Were Here

Our Travels.

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Our Little Angels (Hmmm....)

Our Little Angels (Hmmm....)

Pictures of the family and places we've been.

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RV Stuff

The Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast

The RV and experiences and learnings related to RVing.

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