This page has galleries of photographs taken in the states we visited when we returned the USA after a few months in Europe. It covers the period from January to March 2015. The galleries are arranged chronologically from bottom to top (most recent at the top).

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Washington (15-Mar-2015)

Montana (9-Mar-2015)

A flying visit to western Montana - including visits to a ghost town (Bannack State Park), Big Hole National Battlefield (where the Nez Perce were attacked by US troops), Missoula and Glacier National Park. 

Wyoming #2 (6-Mar-2015)

All of the these photos were taken in Grand Teton National Park. It's a beautiful place and I'd love to visit there in spring and autumn when it's teaming with wildlife.

Idaho (26-Feb-2015>

Idaho was somewhat of a transitory state for us. We were using it to get into Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks so we didn't stay for long and didn't visit a lot of places. But we did have some fun in the snow.

Utah #2 (10-Feb-2015)

Utah is a truly beautiful state. We've been lucky to visit the state during an especially mild winter - no crowds and (just about) warm enough for the whole family to hike and explore. We loved Moab, but I doubt I'd enjoy it in the summer heat. Arches and Canyonlands National Parks should be on everyone's bucket lists.

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Arizona (22-Jan-2015)

If you're interested in geology, native American history and culture then Arizona is the place to visit. The weather can get hot even in the winter - there's a reason it's a top destination for North American snowbirds. Phoenix, Montezuma's Castle and Well, Sedona, Grand Canyon and Monument Valley......

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