One year ago. On our brand new RV!

One year ago. On our brand new RV!

It’s a radroadtrip anniversary! We set off from the RV dealer in Des Moines in our new Forest River Georgetown 351 DS exactly 1 year ago today (14th August 2014). Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year. Rhys and I actually left Roseville, CA, on 3rd August 2014 with the SUV jam packed with so much stuff that he had to sit in the front passenger seat with his legs crossed on the seat.

Sometimes, I feel we’ve barely seen or done anything, when I consider we’ve been travelling a whole year. Then, when I look at the photographs, or talk to the children about what we’ve done, things we’ve seen and places we’ve been, it feels like we’ve achieved an incredible amount. My children are already telling me which places they want to visit next. I hope they remain adventurous and continue to enjoy travel throughout their lives. Right now, though, they are quite excited about settling down – especially about making new friends that they will be able to meet on a regular basis. None of my children are shy, that’s for certain! They all make friends very easily, so no matter where we settle, friendships and socialization will not be a problem, I’m sure

What next? Well that’s the question! We have to settle down, find gainful employment and make sure we do what’s best for the children. I know some families lead a continuous nomadic life, even with several children, and it really works for them. For us, it was a great adventure, and we all benefited from the journey and the exposure to so many places and experiences. However, to continue with the nomadic life any longer would not be what’s best for our children. We’ve all learned a lot about many things, including ourselves and each other.

Please don’t stop checking into – I’ll continue with updates to our blog and photo journal. Obviously, we will continue to travel, but from a home base from now on. We’re keeping the RV and plan to use it much as possible. In the blog, I will put a little more emphasis on reporting on the children and how their schooling and homeschooling is working out. The more we get into the homeschooling, the more passionate I become about it. Hopefully, it’s not just me - the boys have both expressed that they would prefer to continue homeschooling, rather than return to school. Anwen, on the other hand, really wants to go to school – so we’re going to put her into kindergarten and keep a close eye on how things go for her.

Wow! I almost forgot to mention where we are now. We’re back in California – in South Lake Tahoe, as a matter of fact. This is the place we’re trying to make our home. We love it here. In the words of a barman I once met (about a week ago, actually) – “Stay where you play, and commute to work”. Or, in my ideal world “Stay where you play, and work from home”.

It’s been an amazing year. Au revoir!

The Davies Family