For whatever reasons, I have not posted a blog or any photos to the website for nearly 4 months. I try to convince myself that there are legitimate reasons – like, I’ve been looking for a job, we’re making sure the children are settling into their new home, etc. But, I think the real reason is that I’ve been procrastinating about what to write about now that we’re not traveling and living on the RV the whole time. Yes, we’re actually living in a house again. What’s interesting about that? Huh?

Well, OK, living in a house is more conventional that traveling full time in an RV with 3 children. However, over the past few weeks it’s struck me just how much fun we’re having, how interesting life can be living in the mountains and how boring life could be if we don’t take a few chances and just see what happens. Don’t get me wrong, Nina and I still have to deal with a bunch of stuff that any other family with 3 crazy children may have to deal with, no matter where they live. Also, homeschooling is hard work - fortunately Nina does nearly all the teaching now J, since I’m looking for work. Yes, I still don’t have a job! Another stressor.

Anyway, here’s the plan. I’m going to start blogging again and periodically add photos to the website. The topics of future blogs may include, but won’t be limited to:

  • How difficult it is to be an engineer living in the mountains when all the jobs are elsewhere (e.g. Silicon Valley)
  • What it’s like to live in South Lake Tahoe – especially through the snowy winter months (it’s snowing right now J)
  • Updates on the fun things the children get up to, in particular the things they wouldn’t be doing if we still lived “down the hill”
  • The outdoorsy things we get up to and the wildlife we experience (see pictures and below)
  • The trips take in our RV.
Grasshopper pie for birthday cake

Grasshopper pie for birthday cake

So, over the next few days, I’ll upload some photos from the past four months and will hopefully have time to post some retrospective blogs about some of the things we’ve been up to since leaving Alaska and settling in South Lake Tahoe.

By the way, today is Anwen’s 6th birthday. Hooray! This time last year we were celebrating her birthday in Llanelli. My how time flies.

For now, All the Best.

Wildlife snippet: Just yesterday, Rhys saw a Cooper’s hawk swoop down and kill a Rabbit in our back yard. Today, through the front window, he spotted a coyote carrying a dead squirrel in its mouth. The photo of the coyote shown here was taken about 5 mins after we first saw it and by that time it had stashed its kill and was out hunting again.

Cooper's hawk with its kill

Cooper's hawk with its kill

Unlucky  rabbit's feet

Unlucky rabbit's feet

Our neighborhood coyote

Our neighborhood coyote