Update: 19 April 2015

We’ve been back on the road for 9 days since leaving Nine Mile Falls. So far we’ve stayed in 7 different campsites in 9 nights. Mostly we’ve been bunny hopping northward at about 100 miles per day, apart from the last leg which was about 250 miles from Prince George to Dawson Creek. Dawson Creek is where the Alaska Highway starts and from there it’s 1250 miles to Tok - the first real town after the Canada/Alaska border.

Travelling through Canada, at least British Columbia, is a little different from the US.

  • Canadian drivers appear to be a more aggressive, though the Canadians are very calm and friendly face to face.

  • The campsites we’ve encountered so far are very basic – but many campsites haven’t opened yet, so maybe we’ll see some more upscale campsites later in the year.

  • The wifi at all the campsites we stayed so far has been awful.

  • Canadians refer to the highways by name, not by number and that can be a little confusing when some maps on show the numbers. So far we’ve travelled on the Gold Rush Hwy, the Caribou Hwy and the John Hart Hwy – without leaving Hwy 97 as far as I can tell.

  • A lot of places don’t take US credit cards –especially if they don’t have a chip.

  • Supermarkets don’t sell alcohol.

  • The units they use are metric (litres, km and Celsius) – but that’s OK, I am European after all!

So, tomorrow we start along the Alaska Highway. Our first stop in Alaska may be Skagway, rather than Tok. We’re still planning our itinerary, but a ferry ride from Skagway to Juneau looks like it may be a fun thing to do.