Hello Canada

Sunday was another milestone day for us – we passed 6000 total miles in the RV and also crossed from the US into Canada. Presently, we’re spending a couple of nights in Vernon, British Columbia (BC), about 100 miles north of the border. We left Nine Mile Falls (Spokane), WA, on Friday and travelled just 100 miles to Grand Coulee Dam, staying one night in Spring Canyon Campground, about 3 miles from the dam. The damn is enormous and is the biggest hydroelectric power station in the US (sixth biggest in the world). After Grand Coulee we travelled north and camped just 4 miles south of the Canadian border, in Oroville, WA. The highlight for me in Oroville was seeing 3 beavers swimming in the Osoyoos Lake when I went for a walk the evening we arrived.

Everyone in the family is doing fine. Rhys and were a little sick for a few days last week, but nothing serious, and we recovered before getting back on the road. We may not be spending as much time on schoolwork as we should, but Rhys, Dylan and Anwen are all doing really well. This afternoon was a culinary field trip opportunity for us. We visited an Artisan Cheesery, a Chocolatier and a Meadery and Honey producer. I must say, we all enjoyed the samples and probably spent way too much money in each of the shops. My particular favorite – the Blueberry Bliss mead (honey wine)!

Most people we talk to are a little surprised we’re heading towards Alaska so early in the year. The weather here in BC is cool, but still very mild compared to the average for this time of year so we’re going to ride our luck and continue pushing north. BC is beautiful and there’s plenty to see here as we pass through so we’re not going to rush it. We are, though, well and truly on our way to Alaska now – only 2300 miles before we get to Fairbanks.