Milestone Day

Today was a bit of a milestone day for us. We passed the 5000 mile mark in the RV, entered Montana for the first time, crossed the Continental Divide (for the 5th time if I'm not mistaken), encountered the Nez Perce trail and rejoined (sort of) the Lewis and Clarke trail. Now, to be honest, the children were not over enthusiastic about hearing about Lewis and Clark again and have probably heard the name Sacajawea more times than they care to remember. However, we did get a big "Woohoo!" when we passed the 5000 mile mark and for our entry into Montana.


We've only been in Montana for about 6 hours, but so far, so good. The people here pride themselves on friendliness and courtesy and everyone we've met so far has lived up to that reputation. Montana is known as the "Big Sky" state and I see why.

We're all looking forward to touring around Western Montana over the next few days. Most of all, we're looking forward to dipping into some natural hot springs - for the third time in just over a week. Life in an RV can be very luxurious sometimes.