We're Back in the USA

We’re back in the USA after spending 10 weeks in Wales, England and France. The reason we went to Wales in the first place was to see my mother and when she passed away we decided to stay anyway. It was an opportunity to spend time with friends and family and visit interesting places whilst we were there. Check out the photos!

Well, now we’re back in California and ready to carry on with our journey in the RV. The only plan we have at this point is to reach Alaska by the beginning of June – it's the place Rhys and Dylan most want to visit in the USA. Between now and June, we’re not sure exactly where we’ll land, but we’ll certainly be visiting a lot of National Parks, historic sites and other places of cultural interest. However, after 10 winter weeks in cold, wet and windy Wales and England our first stop may be Southern California for some time in the sun.